If money was no object, what would you buy for your kitty? Here’s a fun look at some of the most expensive – and offbeat – feline accessories out there.

We’re a nation of cat lovers. According to the American Pet Products Association, more than 95 million cats make their homes in US households. Most of our spending on all those cats goes to basic needs such as food or vet visits. And many of us like to pamper our kitties with toys, scratching posts and grooming tools. But it doesn’t end there. For those who have money to burn, there’s a whole range of high-end cat accessories to choose from. Some are the epitome of luxury, while others are funky, eccentric and even bizarre!

Crystal collars

A lot of cat lovers buy fancy collars and charms for their feline friends, but how about collars made with  fine cultured pearls or encrusted with precious stones? The designer’s choice is Swarovski crystals, but those in the market for a collar like this are advised to look for tiny crystals – cats can’t function with a heavy weight around their necks, so smaller, lighter collars with elastic inserts to allow for stretch are better. For the ultimate in feline jewellery, Diamond Dogs offers a three-row crystal cat collar for $195.

On a pedestal

Cats love to loll and lie about, and luxurious cat furniture satisfies that need while adding an innovative touch to home décor. For example, the Rondo Cat Stand features a retro style and is elevated to cater to the feline desire to be up high (and to put her up on a pedestal where she belongs!). It has a contemporary look with its simple yet organic design, and is offered in a variety of designs, colors and fabrics. The starting price is $929.

Sleeping beauty

When it comes to cat beds, you need only walk down the aisle of a large pet supply store to see a great selection, but what about those looking for the height of luxury and comfort? Cat beds made in the style of human sofas, chaise lounges, four-poster beds and other lavish furnishings are coveted by many well-to-do cat folks. The handcrafted Petiture Sofa, for example, is an elegant kitty sofa that sells for $1,681. Sweet dreams!

When money grows on trees

A limitless budget can yield limitless choices for a cat tree, and they come in a vast array of configurations, sizes and shapes. Most are covered with sisal or carpeting, but how about one that actually looks like a real tree? Priced at $1,299, this model from Pet Tree Houses looks like it was built in an actual tree. It features tree bark, multiple levels for a kitty to sit and sleep on, and realistic-looking “foliage” to help him feel like a true king – or queen – of the jungle.

High end bathroom

Just like people, cats prefer a private spot to do their business in. Covered litter boxes are a prime choice for many kitties, but how about this one from Five Pet Place? Designed to look like an upscale piece of furniture, this chic wooden litter cabinet easily blends into surrounding décor, and a choice of colors and finishes are available for the style-conscious. The starting price tag for these pieces is $475.

Did you say “cat wigs”?

Here’s a weird one. Believe it or not, a recent craze for cat wigs has raised its head (no pun intended), especially in Japan. Just when you thought brushing a cat’s soft, natural coat couldn’t be more enjoyable, styling these feline wigs seems to bring out the inner celebrity in some cat people. You can choose from a range of lengths and colors, from brunette to blonde to red, and the wigs are designed to fit snugly on a cat’s head. Prices start at around $60.

We all like to pamper our kitties, though these accessories may go above and beyond what most of us would choose or are able to invest in. Whether you think they’re cool, or simply over the top, there’s no denying that cats occupy an extra-special place in our hearts, no matter the size of our wallets.