Has your cat been avoiding her litter box? Do you keep it nice and clean, but she continues to do her business elsewhere? She may be telling you that she’s not impressed with the litter your using.

With so many different options available on the market, how do you know what to look for and what is safe when selecting a new litter for your feline companion?

Well, first off you want to find something that is healthy, safe, and attractive, but also convenient with as little mess and odor as possible.

almost invisible cat litter

A close up look at Almost Invisible Cat Litter.

Almost Invisible Cat Litter (www.almostinvisiblecatlitter.com) is one of the most odor-free and longest lasting litters on the market today. Only one inch of litter will totally stop odor for 3–4 weeks with one average sized cat.

“You will smell NOTHING and this is not an exaggeration,” says Eric Grushkin, founder of Almost Invisible Cat Litter.

When pouring out the bag, there will be a puff of dust. After that, there is no dust at all. You will not see dust when the cat is scratching or when you are cleaning. Additionally, you will never, ever see a footprint in your home again.

“Out litter is virtually dust-free, minimally tracking, 44% lighter than clay and never needs to be scraped off the bottom of the tray,” says Eric. “Urine odor is neutralized in less than 30 seconds and the liquid is rapidly evaporated away, so your litter box is always dry, which is key to keeping it so odor free for so long. Our particle size is very close to sand, so when a cat steps on it, it feels natural, so almost all cats will use it, and these litter particles will never change shape, size or texture.”

stovepipe litter san fran

StovePipe Cat at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Just over a year ago, Almost Invisible Cat Litter introduced the world to StovePipeCat, the official spokescat of the company. StovePipeCat aka StovePipe the Traveling Cat has been making quite the name for himself traveling all-over the United States.

“StovePipe the Traveling Cat, was rescued from death row at a Los Angeles shelter with just moments to spare,” says Eric. “At four months and one week old we began photographing him at tourist locations and posting pictures on the Internet. He has now been photographed at tourist locations in 14 states and in front of nine State Capital buildings. He is believed to be (according to three San Francisco Cable Car crews) the first cat to ever ride the open air portion of the Cable Cars and the first cat to testify at an LA City Council hearing according to LA City Councilman Paul Koretz, who described StovePipeCat on the record as “The World’s most well behaved Cat.” We now believe that StovePipe has been photographed at more recognizable tourist locations than any other cat in the world.”

In addition to rescuing StovePipe, Almost Invisible Cat Litter continues to give back to multiple rescues and shelters.

“We support numerous cat rescues,” says Eric. “We donate a portion of our sales proceeds to animal charities, including but not limited to, the five charities featured on our packaging,” says Eric.

Almost Invisible Cat Litter is made from Amorphous Silica Gel. Amorphous Silica Gel is non-toxic, indurated, and does not cause silicosis.

Visit Almost Invisible Cat Litter online and find them on Facebook.