The latest in cat litter and litter box products are designed to help make clean-up a breeze.

Ask a cat lover what her least favorite job is, and she’ll probably say, “Cleaning out the litter box!” But thanks to advances in both litter and litter box technologies, this task isn’t nearly as unpleasant and time-consuming as it used to be. By choosing the right products, such as those highlighted in this article, you can make life easier, for both you and your cat.

Start by choosing an easy-to-clean litter box

Look for a well-made litter box constructed of durable materials, with features that make clean-up simpler. “A few things to look for in a good quality easy-to-use litter box include simplicity of design and easy access for scooping,” says Courtney Karsted of Grand PooBox, LLC. “Last but not least, how easy will it be to clean?”

Courtney’s litter box design takes all these factors into account. “Litter is kept inside the box with an internal grated ramp; when your cat walks up the ramp and out, there’s less scattered litter on the outside of the box,” she explains. “We’ve also reduced the amount of litter required to fill the box.”

To clean out the box, just remove the top lid from the bottom pan and begin scooping out litter from the rear receptacle. When the box needs a scrub, dump the bottom pan of litter into a bag and you’re ready to wash the product.

Look for litters that minimize work

“The most important things to look for in a litter are ingredients and quality,” says Shannon Supanich, Marketing Manager at Pioneer Pet Products, LLC.  “You want a litter that will not cause harmful dust. And make sure the product performs well – that it clumps and controls odor. You also want to ensure your cat likes it.”

Pioneer’s SmartCat All Natural Litter is made from 100% grass, while their Lightweight Litter is made from grass and clay. Both are easy to handle, and designed to clump quickly so odors are immediately trapped. “Our litter does not stick to the bottom and sides of the pan,” Shannon adds. “This makes clean-up easier with way less waste.” She cautions that any lightweight litter will track a little, so she recommends a litter mat to make clean-up quicker.

Michael Vercelletto, Marketing Director of Arm & Hammer Pet Care, agrees that easy-to-scoop litters free of dust and odor are the best choice for those looking for more convenience. “You want a good quality litter, to make the least enjoyable part of owning a cat a better experience for all involved,” he says. “Look for a litter that will seal in and destroy odors, but also consider the other factors that can make litter maintenance a chore. You’ll want a dust-free litter, such as Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, which means no dust clouds when you pour and scoop. It’s made of a proprietary blend of moisture-absorbing particles that forms a tight seal around odor and destroys it with odor eliminators and our baking soda.” The company also offers a unique litter product called Arm & Hammer Slide. “It’s a revolutionary non-stick litter that slides right out of the pan without the need for scraping or scrubbing,” Michael says.

Non-toxic materials are also important when choosing a cat litter. Along with the companies mentioned above, World’s Best Cat Litter prides itself on making litter products that are safe for cats. “We have several different formulas, but all are made from whole kernel corn and corn components,” says Jean Broders, Senior Marketing Manager. “In fact, it’s the only litter made from whole kernel corn. It naturally absorbs and eliminates odor. Beyond odor control and clumping, people want long-lasting litters. With our products’ high performance, you use less and save money.  It’s also flushable, which makes for easy clean-up.”

This article provides just a glimpse into the wide array of cat litters and boxes on today’s market. By choosing safe, quality products that are especially designed to streamline litter box care, you’ll save time and energy, and keep both you and your cat happy.

How often do I have to scoop?

No litter box can go days on end without being scooped – cats don’t like dirty bathrooms any more than we do – but with proper care, the litters mentioned in this article don’t need to be changed as often as lesser products do.

“The more often you scoop, the better performance you’ll get from your litter,” says Michael. “We recommend removing clumps and solid waste daily, and emptying out the entire litter box once a month.”

“If our litter is scooped daily, there’s no reason to change the entire box,” adds Jean. “Simply add litter every couple of days to keep the depth.” The same applies to Pioneer’s litters, according to Shannon: “We recommend daily scooping, but you only need to change over the entire pan as needed.”

Makes life a lot easier, doesn’t it?