The June 24th Cat weekend in Los Angeles just got more exciting. Almost Invisible Cat Litter will be sponsoring StovePipe Cat’s Awesome Cat Friendly Meow Mingle and Cat Adoption Event in downtown Los Angles.

This spectacular event will take place on Friday, June 24th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at The Pussy and Pooch Penthouse & Pawbar, 564 S Main Street, Downtown LA @6th Street.

Eric Grushkin, co-founder of Almost Invisible Cat Litter(, says “this event is all about giving to the groups that unselfishly do the important work of going out and rescuing animals and saving the lives of cats.”

All of the proceeds from the evening’s raffles will be going to three different rescues in the area, as well as all sales of Almost Invisible Cat Litter during the event. Also, there will be a number of cats at the event who will be available for adoption. The rescues the event will be supporting are The LA Cat Club, Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats and The Stray Cat Alliance.

This is a CAT FRIENDLY, free event and everyone and their cat is invited to attend. There will also be live music from Annette Colon and two book signings with authors Ingrid King (Tortitude) and Paige Hodges (Yogi Cats). On top of that the special guest will be Aragon aka Lord Tubbington from the hit TV series Glee and StovePipe the Traveling Cat and will be hosting.

“We are just super proud to be sponsoring this event,” says Eric. “We have a special place in our heart for animal rescues and sanctuaries. All of our cats, including StovePipeCat, are rescues. My wife and I always feel a great deal of satisfaction when we are able to do something to support non-profit organizations that really care about cats like the 3 beneficiaries of our June 24th event.” almost invisible cat litter 2

“Almost Invisible Cat Litter is a unique litter that controls odor better and longer than any other litter and it has no dust. A minimum one inch of litter will totally stop odor for 3–4 weeks for one average sized cat. That is no exaggeration. You will never smell cat box odor during the period of use” said Eric. “Additionally, when pouring out the bag, there might be a puff of dust. After that, there is no dust at all. You will not see dust when the cat is scratching or when you are cleaning, and there will never be a footprint in your home again.”

If you are planning on attending StovePipe Cat’s Awesome Cat Friendly Meow Mingle and Cat Adoption Event, please follow the RSVP link at: