Engaging and teaching your kids to care for a cat doesn’t have to be a chore. Learn how to make it fun for the entire family!

Training cats is a concept that most pet parents avoid. But what about training kids? In the realm of pet care, a majority of the work falls on parents. As the Founder of The Pet Education Project, it is my goal to change that.

My life’s work is to educate and inspire kids to take an active role in caring for their pets. They are the ones who asked for a furry companion in the first place, right? When kids become active in their pets’ lives, they bond with them and learn many important lessons in responsibility. But how do you start teaching them these lessons?

Here are some easy tips to get your little ones involved in raising a happy and healthy kitty.

1. Water Challenge

This is my favorite way to get kids involved in the daily task of caring for a pet. It’s easy but essential to your kitty’s health. Challenge your child to clean and refill water bowls twice a day. Once in the morning before school and again in the afternoon when they return home.

2. Play date

Kids get busy with homework and extracurricular activities. It’s important, then, to set a play date each week for dedicated playtime between your child and cat. Take a trip to the pet store and let your child pick out a toy or two to make playtime more exciting.

3. Brushing

This is another easy task that will deepen the bond between your child and cat. Make it part of their daily routine, and teach your child proper grooming techniques and etiquette. You can even buy matching bows, bandanas, and

ribbons for both kitty and child.

4. Make a kitty condo

This is a fun craft that can be made with items around your home. Wrap an old t-shirt around a cardboard box and cut an opening in the box where the neck hole lies. Have your child decorate the box with stickers, markers, and paints.

5. Treat time

The way to a pet’s heart is through his tummy! Have your kids spoil their kitty with healthy, low-cal treats!

We at PEP! love energizing kids on how to care for their pets. Kids can join our PEP! Squad kids club for no charge! For more information, fun activities, videos, and to get your kids involved, visit www.ilovepep.org/pepsquad.

Erica Callais Falbaum is the Founder and CEO of PEP! The Pet Education Project. She is leading a revolution in pet care for generations Y and Z. She has educated and inspired more than 500,000 kids worldwide to be responsible pet owners and animal heroes. She is owned by 6 fur children, including her 3 cats: Delilah, a feisty tortie, Cousteau, a diabetic panther cat, and Pris a sassy mainecoon mix.