Your kitty gives you unconditional love all year round. Here’s a few products that will help you reward her devotion all year long.

One of the pleasures of Christmas morning is watching our cats playing hide and seek in discarded wrapping paper or jumping in and out of empty boxes. It’s well into the new year before our felines get tired of them. Cats can create a game out of just about anything that comes to hand, but you can make the holidays and new year even more fun for your feline by treating her to something special. Considering all the love and companionship she gives you, she deserves something special in return! Here are some fun products to get you started:

Green as grass

Fresh barley, wheat, rye or oat grass is a healthful addition to a cat’s diet, especially during the winter when outdoor grass isn’t as plentiful and may even be buried in snow, depending on where you live. Cat grass kits can be purchased at most pet supply stores, and you can also get pots of pre-sprouted grass. Just place it in a sunny windowsill and watch your kitties enjoy some fresh salad! Try to find an organic product.

Catnip, please!

It’s healthy, fragrant and makes cats go wild. Catnip toys are among the most popular cat gifts. When buying one for your cat, be sure to select a quality product. Whether it’s a mouse, ball, or some other shape, the toy should be made from durable materials that can stand up to kicking and chewing, with no small parts that could come off and present a choking hazard. Some catnip toys are stuffed with organically grown catnip – they’re the best option.

Brushing up

Most cats loved being stroked. It’s only one step from stroking to grooming, so why not treat her to a new brush? Take your time choosing the right one for your cat. A slicker brush is one of the best buys. Keep in mind, though, that this type of brush features bent metal pins, so use a gentle touch when grooming your kitty. A brush with plastic pins is another alternative.

You scratch my back…

A happy cat is a cat with a scratching post. Claw sharpening is a vital activity and helps improve a feline’s physical and emotional well being. Treating your cat to a new scratching post this holiday will do her a lot of good and give her hours of fun – and protect your upholstery from damage! Be sure to choose a durable product that won’t tip easily, and that’s made from materials that
will stand up to plenty of use. Scratching surfaces can range from corrugated cardboard to carpeting or sisal rope.

Tasty treats

Pet store shelves are bursting with colorful packets of cat treats, but beware. Many are made from poor ingredients and are full of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other additives that can cause health problems. You’ll have to pay more for a good quality cat treat, but it’s worth it – look for something made from whole meat ingredients and that contains no artificial ingredients. That way, you’ll ensure your cat is getting something that’s healthy as well as tasty.

Sleep tight

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, so they really appreciate a soft, comfy place to curl up in. Today’s pet beds come in an amazing array of styles, colors and designs, ranging from plain and simple to fancy and luxurious. Most cats tend to prefer beds that have sides, especially if they’re older and like to stay warm and cozy. Choose the bed’s location with care. Kitties like to be someplace quiet when they snooze so don’t put the bed in the family room or kitchen. A quiet bedroom or home office is ideal. You may have to experiment to fi nd the right place.

Of course, this gift list is just a start. There are lots of other ideas out there for your special feline. Regardless of the size of your items, try putting them into a medium-to-large size box. Your kitty will be delighted!