They’re gentle, non-toxic and effective. Flower essences are a simple but powerful way to enhance your cat’s well being.

Jackie’s voice was full of laughter on the phone. What a change from the worried tone I’d heard only three weeks ago! “Oscar is doing great! His fear seems to be gone. He’s not scared of people so much now, or even of the vacuum cleaner,” she reported with a chuckle.

Oscar is a rescued cat who came from a background of many challenges and abuse. Even after two years of loving care from Jackie, he was still too fearful to walk into the middle of a room and instead slunk around hugging the walls. He hid from visitors and was terrifi ed when Jackie vacuumed. What made the difference for Oscar? It wasn’t magic, but the wonders of nature in the form of fl ower essences.

38 healing essences

Bach Flower Remedies are a collection of 38 energy essences made from the wildflowers of plants and trees (and one from pure, healing waters). They were created by Dr. Edward Bach, a highly regarded English medical doctor, surgeon and researcher who lived from 1886 to 1936. Dr. Bach believed negative emotions and mental states are the root of all illness and imbalance. He spent a lifetime searching for a gentle, safe and non-toxic way to balance emotions and bring harmony to our being on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. Dr. Bach eventually treated all his patients exclusively with his flower essences, and recorded positive results. Although developed for people, flower remedies work well for animals and Dr. Bach used them with his own animal friends.

Dr. Bach wanted his system to be simple enough that anyone could use it with confidence. The 38 remedies are easy to select and administer, and their effectiveness has been documented for over 70 years. They are well known globally, especially Rescue Remedy, which is one of the best selling natural stress relievers in the world.

Dr. Bach believed negative emotions and mental states are the root of all illness and imbalance.

Significant changes

When kitten Flash joined our family, seven-year-old Aleysha had difficulty accepting her. Whenever little Flash approached and invited her to play, Aleysha ran away. After some trial and error, I gave Aleysha Willow, the remedy for resentment. Later the same day, Flash and Aleysha were playing tag and chasing each other joyfully up and down their scratching posts. I was amazed at the speed of her turnaround.

Not every case shifts as quickly. Sugar, a gray Persian who preferred his own company, was definitely not a lap cat. His person Melanie felt he was missing out on so much love and affection. He was not fearful, just aloof. Water Violet was chosen for Sugar. He took a dilution of four drops four times daily on a treat for about three months. Slowly but surely, he came around – at first just watching Melanie, and then resting a few feet away. Then he started to sleep on her bed at night, and finally came looking for more. Now that Sugar can enjoy Melanie’s company, the remedy is no longer needed.

Rescue remedy

Each of the 38 remedies provides a positive energy that cancels out a negative emotion or mental state (see table). The best known, Rescue Remedy, is a blend of five remedies that Dr. Bach selected to deal with stress of any intensity:

  • Star of Bethlehem (see table)
  • Clematis, which provides grounding
  • Impatiens for soothing agitation/irritation
  • Rock Rose for calming terror and panic
  • Cherry Plum to strengthen self-control and counter hysteria or desperate behavior

Rescue Remedy is great for stress due to travel, vet visits, thunderstorms, and any other situation upsetting to your cat.

Oscar was given a mixture of Mimulus and Star of Bethlehem to help him overcome his fear of humans and heal his past trauma. My years of experience with hundreds of cats has proven to me beyond any doubt that flower essences are a true gift to felines and their people.



Dosage for Cats

Because grape alcohol is used to carry the flower energy, the remedies are best diluted in water.

Add two drops of each individual remedy (four drops if using Rescue Remedy) to a one-ounce bottle filled with spring or filtered water. Six or seven remedies may be added at most. Offer four drops four times a day on a treat. The bottle will last two to three weeks and may be refrigerated.