Cats are choosy creatures, especially when it comes to their sleeping arrangements. Today’s cat beds are available in a huge variety of styles and designs, so you can select the features that best suit your kitty’s needs!

Cats love to nap. In fact, the average feline sleeps 12 to 16 hours each day. No wonder they’re finicky about where they curl up! Fortunately, with all the different styles of cat beds available on the market, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect sleeping arrangement for your kitty. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative options.

Cave beds

Cave or “pod” cat beds are all the rage. They give cats a confined space to snooze in where they won’t be disturbed by too much light, excess noise, or other bothersome distractions.  Designed to “cocoon” kitties for ultimate privacy, caves come in multiple sizes, so they’re great for cats of all ages and weight levels.

“Cats are naturally attracted to beds shaped like caves for a variety of reasons,” says Christopher Palmeiro, co-owner and president of Twin Critters. “In the wild, cats often seek hiding places that provide protection from predators, or that give them a clear view for stalking their next meal.” This family-owned business handcrafts cat caves constructed from organic sheep’s wool. The beds provide the perfect temperature-controlled space for cats to relax and sleep in.

Mobile beds

These beds double as carriers, which can make any necessary travel less stressful for the cat. “Many cats associate travel with negative experiences such as a trip to the vet or kennel,” says Michael Leung, co-founder and lead product designer for Sleepypod. “The Ultra Plush bedding in our carriers enables cats to use them as everyday pet beds or cozy napping spots, so they can feel secure traveling in the comfort of their very own ‘safe’ space.”

Sleepypod beds are crash-tested to ensure ultimate safety in cars, and even fit into airplane seats. Whether you’re an avid traveller or just looking for an efficient way to transport your kitty to the groomer, these beds are worth checking out.  But don’t let their transportability fool you – they’re also perfect for at-home use.

Photo courtesy of Armarkat

Elevated beds

When it comes to feeling secure, many felines prefer being up high. Elevated cat beds offer maximum protection, provide a better vantage point from which your cat can monitor her surroundings, and increase airflow beneath the bed to help regulate body temperature.

Most importantly, height promotes sounder sleep. “Because cats feel most secure in high places, many will prefer to spend much of the day in a cat tree,” says Andrea Krantz, sales manager at Armarkat, a company specializing in unique cat trees and beds. “The condos, hammocks or teepee portions of the trees give cas built-in places to hide or snooze after play.”

Photo courtesy of Cat Crib

Hammock beds

If you’ve ever dozed off in a hammock, you understand their appeal. Similar to the human version, cat hammocks conform to your feline’s body, reducing pressure on her joints. Cat hammocks are also a space-saver. They can be hung on walls, attached to cat trees, or in the case of the Cat Crib, fastened to existing furniture.

Cat Crib’s hammock-style beds can be tied to any chair with four legs.Cats are drawn to the covered safe space under the chair,” says Greg Hora, company owner. “They like it because they can be partly hidden while still being in the same room as their humans.” Like other kitty hammocks, Cat Crib beds maximize floor space, and they’re easy to wash and dry.

Styles and designs abound

Cat beds come in a huge range of designs, styles and colors, which means your kitty can sleep well without clashing with your décor! Some companies create beds resembling nightstands or other furnishings, while others, like The Cat Ball, offer unique customizable designs.

Photo courtesy of The Cat Ball

Beds by The Cat Ball are made from a washable foam material and come in many colors and patterns. “We started out making cat beds that would look great in the living room,” says Jenifer Boaro, designer and COO. “When we select fabrics, we also think about what would look good with different feline coat colors, and what would be great for cat photography.”

In short, when it comes to cat beds, the sky’s the limit. Always start by carefully considering your cat’s individual preferences for a sleeping spot – that way, you can help ensure she’ll use the bed. Once that’s done, you can enjoy shopping for a model that appeals to your own sense of aesthetics!

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