Cats are simple creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about their environment! Here’s how to make your living space more appealing to your feline.

Cats need a comfortable and engaging space to live and explore. Their curious nature fuels them to roam around and monitor the territory, so nooks and crannies are a must. Meanwhile, their nap schedule demands comfort and luxury. Here’s how to considering your environment from their perspective and build a more cat-friendly living space!

1. Give her places to explore

Cats love to hang out in high places, so creating vertical space adds an extra dimension to their play area. Tables, cat trees, homemade forts, and shelves all offer the opportunity for your feline to climb and jump. Window perches make for great supervising stations, while tunnels and boxes give her a chance to engage her natural hunting instincts. Want to add another level of engagement? Hide snacks throughout the house to make “hunting” time even more fun.

2. Clear out the clutter

An open room offers a spot for cats to lounge and play. Getting rid of clutter means opening up this space, and giving your kitty a chance to make the most of her environment. Be sure to clear space in front of windows so she can enjoy peering out at chirping birds, and do your best to leave space on surfaces (the coffee table, for instance), so she can roam around on different levels.

3. Remove harmful objects

Cats get into all kinds of things – including items you might not think twice about, such as house plants. Research which plants are toxic to cats, and then take care to stash valuables where she can’t access them. Any chemicals that can pose a threat to animals should be stored away properly, as well as any medication, cleaning supplies, burning candles and sharp objects. If her immediate environment is safe, she will be too!

4. Be mindful of her needs

If you share your life with a feline companion, your indoor living space should cater to her needs. First, locate a place in the house for the litter box that is acceptable for both of you. Put her food and water bowls in comfortable areas, taking care to keep them away from excessive dirt. Cats are very hygienic animals, so cleanliness is a must. Make sure she has access to soft blankets or a cat bed, as well as something to scratch during her waking hours! Cat trees give your feline an opportunity to sharpen her claws without damaging the carpet and furniture. If she doesn’t seem interested, encourage her to use it by spraying it with catnip.

5. Keep her entertained!

Even the most cat-friendly living spaces are dull without human interaction. Set aside time each day to hang out with your feline, and introduce new toys from time to time to keep boredom at bay. Engage her in interactive play, and be sure to make room in your schedule for a snuggle session every now and then!