Cats have an innate ability to sense, use and move “chi” energy. Learn from your kitty how this ancient art of placement can improve her well being, and yours.

Can your cat help find you love, a better job, or more abundance? She already is! By learning about Feng Shui, you also can discover, use, and benefit from the free energy moving through your home – an energy your cat naturally uses every day.

In Feng Shui, everything is made of energy, or what the Chinese call “chi”. Animals are full of chi – just look at all the energy they expend through play, unconditional love and mischief! Having been an animal communicator and Feng Shui practitioner for over ten years, I have enhanced many people’s understanding of their fur folks while shedding light on their shared environments. “Listening” to cats, and also seeing where they feel comfortable and uncomfortable in their homes, proves to me that animals react to and move energy in their living spaces. In other words, they’re instinctively practicing Feng Shui (or what I now call Fur ShuiTM)!

Using the Bagua

Animals, including cats, naturally find and use the ener- gies Feng Shui Masters have been studying and utilizing for thousands of years. I practice the Black Hat School of Feng Shui, whose use of “invisible energies” and intent along with object and placement creates balance and harmony in homes and other spaces.

Black Hat Feng Shui relies on a “chi roadmap” called the Bagua. The Bagua is an octagram that features nine sections or areas that represent different aspects of life. These nine areas, each called a gua, are:

  1. Career
  2. Travel/helpful people
  3. Creativity/children
  4. Love/relationships
  5. Fame
  6. Prosperity/wealth
  7. Family
  8. Skills/knowledge
  9. Health

To find each gua or “energy treasure chest” within your home, place the Bagua with the career section at your front door (or the entrance to each room). Each gua has its own color, shape and number, with five of the guas also having specific elements. For instance, the fame gua is associated with the color red, a triangular shape, the number one, and the element of fire. Using the Bagua and easy Feng Shui principles, you can and do purposefully shift and balance your cat’s life and energies – and yours – in amazing ways.

Your home’s energy from a cat’s point of view

I call animals natural Chi Masters. When in balance, they naturally spread joy and positive energy.

For example, I wrote this article in the career gua of my house with my cat Rocky sitting in the helpful people area of my desk. At one point, he put his paw on my keyboard, telling me to finish work and stroke him. Just one instance of how my fur love gets me back into balance with his wisdom!

Find your cat’s favorite places inside your home. These are areas with balanced vibes, safe places to play and rest. Animals naturally avoid places that have what Feng Shui calls “stagnant” chi. These are unbalanced spaces characterized by clutter, mess or unpleasant vibes. Some fur folks will purposely go into these negative chi zones to use their own chi to get things flowing. Animals also announce stagnant chi by acting up in a space. For example, a cat could eliminate outside the litter box to show a disturbed space, emotion or physical imbalance.

Wherever you and your cat move around inside your living space, your physical and emotional conditions and intents flavor your home’s natural energy pattern. You both set the energetic stage of your home and your relationships.

As you discover your cat’s zones, use the Bagua to find out which guas have healthy flowing chi or stagnant chi. Employ each gua’s tools or “cures” to move, use or improve the chi.

Let the good chi flow!

For over 4,000 years, people have used Feng Shui to improve their lives. Animals (from turtles to tigers) have been honored within this history. All you need is your love and intent, some Feng Shui know-how and your imagination to enjoy benefits for yourself and your cat. It’s easy. Pick one of the nine life spaces, set your intent, add a little “Fur Shui”, and new balance and rewards will manifest for both of you.

  • For vibrant health and balance for you and your cat, start by seeing the appropriate vet or health care specialist. You can help amp up any healing that needs to be done by adding some yellow ribbon to your cat’s bed, collar or carrier. A comfy bed lined with a gold blanket in the health gua or center of your home or room also assists in healing.
  • Are you looking for love, or do you need help resolving a relationship issue between your cats? Go to the love gua and use its pink color to enhance your cats’ beds or blankets. A soft kitty bed in the relationship corner of the room along with your intent for love will heat up the “attraction” energies for you and your cats.
  • Cats are natural fire chi carriers. They love to “re-charge” in the fame (fire) gua. Put some red toys in this section. A red nest or tent here helps your cat recharge with some deep sleep. Your cat’s energy boost will amp up your own fame potential.
  • Want more money, friends, business? Go to the prosperity corner of your home and add a purple snuggle blanket. Your intent along with your cat’s fire energy will activate some prosperity for both of you. Reward your kitty with lavish petting in this gua, add your wish for abundance, and see what happens!

Get the fur chi flowing with gratitude for what your feline chi master is unconditionally giving you every day. Add Feng Shui as a fun, easy, natural and inexpensive way to further balance your cat, your home and the lives of everyone who lives there. Show your cat love by becoming a “Fur Shui” practitioner and receive it back tenfold in a new and magical manner.