Want to know what your kitty is thinking or feeling, or solve a behaviorial issue? Learn to use the principles of animal communication to forge a deeper bond with your feline friend.

Imagine tapping into the soul of your beloved feline com- panion to glean his wondrous wisdom. I’m talking about communicating with your kitty friend, becoming a modern day Dr. Doolittle, if you will. Can you see how that might benefit your relationship? Many animal lovers have been doing just this for decades and it’s something you can learn too.

Understanding animal communication “Animal communication” describes interspecies telepathic communication – a “language of the heart” as I call it. Recently, in my practice as a professional animal intuitive, I was honored to have a “heart to heart” communication with Hermes, a beautiful and loving Himalayan who had been having litter box issues. His person was quite upset, so she enlisted me to consult with Hermes, to try to determine what was wrong and negotiate a solution. After just one conversa- tion, in which Hermes was able to get a few things off his chest and share his needs, he transformed into a regular litter box user. His person is thrilled beyond words. This is just one example of the kind of things I talk to felines about.

With practice and dedication, you too can learn this skill. Opening to it is always life changing, but in a good way. I personally believe that for each of us, animal communica- tion is a birthright, something we can all master, given the proper conditions and desires. Strong intention is a must, along with trust, and perhaps even a leap of faith.

Animal communication may come to you in the form of feelings, impressions, pictures, symbols, sounds, tastes, smells, or what I call “knowings”.

Newbies regularly ask me what communication with their kitty sounds like, and how it works. Animal communication is often very different from the spoken word. It may come to you in the form of feelings, impressions, pictures, symbols, sounds, tastes, smells, or what I call “knowings”. It may also come in everyday words that you hear by “listening on the inside”. These words may sound much like your own voice, or that of another.

Working with images

During my many years of communication work, one kitty showed me a red heart breaking in two. I finally deciphered this was her way of letting me know she was reacting to a vaccination (the vaccination tag was a red heart). Another kitty sent me a picture that looked like messy scribbling on a piece of paper; he was showing me that his current home environment was emotionally chaotic. I have received poetry and ballads, heard meek and mild voices, big, booming voices and even a few foreign accents thrown in for good measure.

When I teach classes, I always ask participants to let me know if they feel they may already have had a communication with an animal companion. I usually find that most have, in some form or other, but didn’t consciously acknowledge it. Chances are, you have too. If not, it’s never too late to start learning!

Tips for talking with your kitty

Here’s how to help you get your own skills going:

  • It’s important to quiet your mind. This can be done in a number of ways. My personal favorite is spending time in nature. Meditation is also great.
  • Positively declare your intention, as if you’re shouting it out to the universe.
  • Imagine or pretend you have already mastered this skill.
  • Visualize a trust dial, like a dial on a radio. Reach out and turn it up full volume.
  • Open your heart wide, and visualize its pure pink energy flowing out and connecting with your cat’s heart.
  • Begin your communion by asking a few questions.
  • Visualize a pyramid that connects your heart and third eye (brow), to your cat’s heart.
  • Watch for the fleeting information that comes to you in the first few moments. This is always the pearl.
  • You may have to quiet the negative voice in your head that tries to say can’t do this.
  • If you don’t get a response, use your imagination to determine what your cat might have said if she had responded. Go with the first thought that comes into your head.
  • If you are feeling blocked, visualize the block as a cloud of colored light, and see it dissolving or melting away.
  • If communication is not coming easily, ask that it come to you over the next day, week or month, to take off the pressure (this really helps my students).
  • Most importantly, enjoy, and prepare for information that will change your life and catapult you along your spiritual path.
  • Express your gratitude for all you have received.