Your cat doesn’t like being removed from his home environment, but sometimes it’s necessary. Acupressure can help him de-stress, whether you’re taking him to the vet or going away on holiday.

Cats are, by their very nature, territorial. They appreciate routine. Taking them away from their homes and disrupting their daily activities is usually stressful for them. Their first reaction is generally to comment on your audacity with a deep guttural utterance: “How could you so unceremoniously remove me from my territory?”

The problem is, you sometimes have to take your cat out of familiar surroundings, whether you’re taking him to the vet for a check-up, or to a friend’s house or boarding kennel so you can go on vacation. To help him cope with the upheaval, this brief acupressure session can help soothe his sense of horror at being taken someplace else and not being able to get all his regular naps that day.

Prior to heading out, sit quietly and commune with your cat while touching each of the following acupressure points, lightly but with intent. Remember to breathe deeply and evenly while sitting with your cat. The goal is to bring down the level of stress your cat is going to be experiencing.

1.Heart 7 (Ht 7) and Pericardium 7 (Pe 7) are both found on the front legs and can be held simultaneously. They are located just above the cat’s “wrist” toward the back of the paw. Place your thumb on the inside (medial) and your index finger on the outside (lateral) of the front leg. Hold the points gently for a slow count of 30, or when your cat indicates he’s had enough by shifting or moving away. Go to the other front leg and do the same.

2.Bai Hui Point is located between the two hip sockets where you can’t feel the vertical bones along the spine. A good way to stimulate this point is to scratch it gently with your index and middle fingers. Continue to scratch as long as your cat is enjoying it.

3.This last area is specifically for cats. Using the back of your hand, slowly stroke along the underside of your cat’s jaw and down his neck. This is not an actual acupressure point, but it is very relaxing for cats. Repeat three to four times, then move to the other side of his face.

This short acupressure session can make for a less mortified, more relaxed cat. Wherever you’re going with him, the trip should be less stressful for everyone.

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