As one of nature’s true “superfoods”, therapeutic virgin coconut oil can benefit all kinds of pets – including cats!

There are an estimated 94.2 million cats in the US – an even greater number than the 89.7 million dogs we share our lives with. Cats are affectionate, low maintenance, and fiercely independent. Here at CocoTherapy we’re big cat fans – and we’ve seen first-hand how coconut oil can keep them happy and healthy.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the fantastic ways coconut oil can benefit your cat’s health.

1. It supports your cat’s skin and coat

Coconut oil can be used both topically and orally to keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy and prevent dry, irritated skin from developing. It kills parasites such as mange, fleas, and ticks which are suffocated by the fat content in the oil. And, because it’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, it prevents bites from parasites becoming infected and helps heal inflamed skin.

A little coconut oil fed daily works from the inside out, promoting healthy skin and fur. It’s rich in vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin growth and repair of damaged skin, and it can even be applied directly to rashes, sore spots, bites and burns.

Coconut oil is also an effective moisturizer for flaky, dry skin. Its antioxidant properties help soothe and heal damaged skin, while its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties are ideal for treating a range of infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

2. It Prevents Hairballs

Because coconut oil improves your cat’s coat, shedding is reduced and your cat will be less prone to hairballs. When your cat does regurgitate hairballs, the oil helps reduce respiratory tract inflammation that can occur. It also improves digestion and adds moisture to the stool – allowing hairballs to pass more easily.

If your cat often coughs up hairballs, we recommend treating her with CocoTherapy Hairball Plus. It’s made with one simple ingredient – high-fiber organic coconut, and can help reduce and even eliminate hairballs.

3. It Aids Digestion

The medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil prevent undue strain on your cat’s digestive tract. They’re easily digestible in the gut, and help the body to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from food more efficiently.

The healthy lauric acid in the oil is anti-microbial and kills parasites, fungi and harmful bacteria in your cat’s gut. Coconut oil can also help heal injuries in the digestive tract and prevent chronic inflammation.

4. It Reduces Inflammation

Coconut oil doesn’t just reduce inflammation in your cat’s digestive system. The lauric acid in the oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help ease inflammation all over the body.

As cats age they become more susceptible to inflammatory illnesses. Arthritis and painful swollen joints are particularly common in older cats. Coconut oil helps alleviate the symptoms of inflammation, increasing your cat’s mobility and boosting energy levels.

5. It Boosts the Immune System

Coconut oil’s positive impact on the immune system protects your cat against viral and bacterial infection and decreases the chance of her suffering from allergic reactions and other common illnesses.

Therapeutic-Grade Coconut Oil

When treating your cat with coconut oil, be sure to choose a therapeutic grade oil such as CocoTherapy coconut oil. Our oil is sourced from our USDA-certified organic family farm in the Philippines and made in our own facility.

CocoTherapy organic virgin coconut oil is a healthy, all-natural product that’s rich in beneficial lauric, capric and caprylic acids. It supplies medium-chain triglycerides, which help maintain healthy body functions and support your cat’s overall health